Instamic's Firmware Upgrade

We recommend to keep your Instamic's firmware up to date following the procedure below.

Instamic Pro and Basic - Latest version 1.3.2

Instamic Pro Plus and Plus C - Latest version 2.3.12

In order to upgrade your Instamic, you would need to register your device at (Basic and Pro versions) or (Pro Plus version) and download the Instamic Firmware Upgrade Application on macOS or Windows.

You can read your Instamic serial number on the back of the unit or on the side of the Instamic's box (it starts with B or P)

The full procedure is explained in the video below.

Troubleshooting and solutions

1. Instamic reboots when you have released the button after the two LEDs went off

- Turn the Instamic on.
- Connect it to your computer with the Instamic's cable.
- Check that it is correctly mounted on your computer as an external storage
- Launch the Firmware Upgrade Application
- A first green tick will appear. Your Instamic is connected and ready to be upgraded
- Hold down the button on the Instamic until the first two green lights turn off
- The unit will disconnect from your computer
- Wait for 5 to 10 seconds for the app to upload the new firmware from our server and see the Loading pop-up window.
- The middle LED will start blinking. Do not disconnect your Instamic.
- Instamic restarts with the latest firmware on.

2. The first green check doesn't appear
- Make sure that the Instamic internal storage is named INSTAMIC
- Use the Instamic's cable provided.
- Plug Instamic directly to your computer without USB HUBs or adapter inbetween

Still no green check?
- Contact us at

3. The first green check appears only when I unplug the unit
- Make sure that the Instamic internal storage is named INSTAMIC
- If it has a different name, you can rename it from the Finder using the right-click menu or the Format Memory application on Windows / Disk Utility on Mac.

4. The first green check appears but no .txt file is loaded into the Instamic's internal memory
- Disconnect any devices that have an internal memory such as a Notebook, Pad, or similar.

5. Your Instamic doesn't turn back on
- Wait 12 hours. Do not charge your Instamic
- Load the Instamic Firmware Update Application
- Connect Instamic with the USB cable provided
- Wait 30 secs until Instamic reloads.

Still no solution
- Try the Hardware Reset Procedure
Your Instamic is still alive. It is only shy :-)

For any other questions please contact us at or sign up for our Helpdesk.

Kind regards,
Michele and the Instamic Team

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