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How Instamic Works

*some features may differ due to firmware and software updates.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I record with Instamic? 

There are two ways.

Standalone Mode Start recording using the button on the device when Instamic is on. 

Mobile Application Remote control and monitor Instamic through your Android or iOS device.

2. How can I monitor the input signal?  

Instamic has 3 LEDs onboard that works as a VU Meter. When you are controlling Instamic using your mobile device, you can monitor the sound level through a digital VU meter and listen to the audio in real-time with your headphones.

3. What is the maximum recording time?  

The maximum recording time depends on the recording format you choose. Currently, the maximum recording time is up to 14hrs at 48 kHz / 24 bits Mono and 7hrs at 48 kHz / 24 bits Dual Mono (Instamic), Dual mono, Stereo, M/S (Instamic Pro) uncompressed audio (LPCM WAV format).

4. How long does the battery last?

You will get 3 hours recording time. Duration can vary depending on charging time, temperature and storage conditions.  

5. How do I charge my Instamic?  

Plug your Instamic into any USB port on your computer or USB Charger. A full charge takes 1.15 hr.  

6. Does Instamic have built-in memory?  

Yes, there is an 8GB internal memory. 

7. How do I use the quick release clip?

Instamic has a quick release clip that gives you the versatility to take it on and off in seconds. With each Instamic you will get 3 clips with 3 different mounting options: Magnet, Velcro and Tape.

8. Which are the main functions of the mobile app?  

Once you pair Instamic with your mobile device, you can Remote Control up to 10 Instamic together, monitor the audio in real-time (one-to-one connection) and set up Instamic as needed (Rec Mode, Sampling Rate, Auto-gain, Rename Instamic, Turn it off)

9. How do I transfer the audio files to my computer

Connect it to your computer using our USB cable. Instamic will mount as an external device drive on your computer. You can now easily transfer the WAV files to your computer.

10. Instamic Pro is waterproof. What is the maximum depth?

You can take Instamic up to 3.2 feet for 30 minutes max, according to IP67.

11. How do I upgrade my Instamic firmware?

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